Our mission at Agnew Law Office is to educate clients on the various choices available to them in designing an estate plan that will address their unique and individual needs. We are proud to be serving Northern Illinois, Southern Wisconsin and Eastern Iowa.
Agnew Law Office, P.C.
An Estate Planning Law Firm
We feel that our primary responsibility is to explain the various estate planning concepts and options in a clear, concise and understandable manner in order to allow you to make  responsible and informed decisions.  It has been our experience that the more you participate in and understand your own individual estate plan, the more likely you are to take the steps that are necessary to fully implement that estate plan and to realize all the benefits and savings available under the plan you design.

Agnew Law Office strives to provide cutting edge estate planning concepts and techniques, along with quality document draftsmanship.  It is imperative that the documents we draft reflect what you request in order to provide you with a unique and personalized estate plan.

Finally, Agnew Law Office provides services on a flat fee basis, with the costs (and corresponding benefits and savings) of each estate planning option discussed at an initial meeting.  This allows you to accept or reject the fees before any work is started and eliminates any surprise or unexpected billings.
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